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Pressure Points Massage in York

Therapeutic Massage Treatments in York by Therapist Cathy Hagan   

                                                  Treatment and Prices Sept 2020

FULL BODY MASSAGE 80 MIN TOTAL STRESS RELEASE  MASSAGE. Relaxing massage for the whole body, including, abdomen, face and scalp. £50

AROMATHERAPY 1HR FULL BODY MASSAGE: A soothing full body massage to relax the body and mind using pure essential oils. Aromatherapy can be combined with Deep Tissue at this price - £40


AROMATHERAPY 40 MIN BACK, NECK AND SHOULDER: A relaxing massage, targeting the back, neck and shoulders. Again, Deep Tissue can be combined with Aromatherapy at this price  - £30

AROMATHERAPY 1HR FACIAL: The face is cleansed and toned, exfoliated and toned again using Naturally Thinking Aromatherapy products. Next, the face, neck and shoulders are massaged using essential oils for your skin type. A masque is then applied and while the masque is working, you receive a foot and lower leg massage/hand and arm massage. The masque is then removed, the face toned again, moisturised and collagen eye gel smoothed under the eyes - £40

AROMATHERAPY MINI FACIAL 40 MINS: - The face and neck are cleansed and exfoliated. The face, neck and shoulders are massaged using essential oils blended for your skin type and the treatment is completed with a relaxing, oil free, scalp massage - £30

SWEDISH 1 HR FULL BODY MASSAGE: An invigorating massage to boost circulation and release muscle tension using kneading,wringing and thumbing techniques with medium to firm pressure  - £40

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: A relaxing massage for ladies (after the first trimester) to ease muscular tension and maintain optimum health during pregnancy. Aromatherapy oils can be combined with this treatment - £40  


DEEP TISSUE 1HR FULL BODY MASSAGE : A firmer massage, where the therapist works deep into the muscles by applying firm pressure with thumbs and elbows and forearms.. Recommended for sports enthusiasts, or people with chronic muscle tension - £40

DEEP TISSUE 40 MIN BACK FOCUS MASSAGE: Deep tissue treatment to focus specifically on chronic muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders, when 30 minutes isn't quite long enough! - £30


SEATED, CLOTHED ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE 30 MINS: A clothed massage for the whole upper body, where the therapist works on Pressure Points along the Meridian lines to boost energy levels and release muscular tension. Recommended for office workers - £30

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: A massage using oil for the neck and shoulders, The face and scalp can be massaged oil-free. Especially good for people who suffer from headaches and neck and shoulder tension - £30

THAI YOGA 1HR FULL BODY MASSAGE: Known as 'lazy man's yoga', Thai Yoga massage works on Zen lines in the legs, feet, arms, hands and back. The therapist also assists the client into yoga stretches and positions, to release joints and increase flexibility. A great way to increase flexibility and boost energy for all ages - £40

THAI YOGA MASSAGE 30 MINS: A shorter treatment where the therapist can work on specific areas, such as the legs or back, neck, shoulders and face - £25

HOT STONE FULL BODY MASSAGE: The ideal pamper treatment, the body is massaged with heated Basalt Lava stones, to warm and work deep into the muscles. Prepare to be totally chilled! - 

80 Minute Full Body Hot Stones (includes face and scalp) £55 

45 Minute Hot Stones Back Massage £35

60 Minute Full Body Hot Stones £45 

REiKI TREATMENT: 1hr Full Body.- £40..   30 Minute Reiki Taster £25 

LUXURY FOOT TREATMENT:-  The feet are softened with an aromatherapy foot scrub. Then are treated to Hot Stone massage, followed by massage with a rich Lavender and Mint foot cream. This is finished perfectly with a Thai pressure point massage. 
60 Minute Luxury Foot Treatment £40


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Discounts for block bookings. Mobile treatments also available

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